Basic Costs @ Trail Life El Cajon

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Basic costs
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  • REGISTRATION. TrailLifeUSA (national organization) annual registration (boys $30 and adults $36) is  paid directly at Trail Life Connect. This registration fee covers insurance, and program development costs including the app (secure records and contacts including Child Safety and Youth Protection Training for registered adults).
  • DUES. [The local Troop Dues are not being collected in our Kick-off period February-July 2021 as these are being covered by Blessed Trinity Church.] For the 2021-22 program year, the Trail Life parents will determine program costs to be covered by our one Trail Life fundraiser each year. The majority of this local cost covers the awards (badges & pins), materials, and Annual Troop Fee ($20/youth--see below). 
  • UNIFORMS. The uniform shirt Class A shirt from the store starts at $45 (packages begin at $50). We have designated pants and shorts from local discount retail uniform departments of Walmart and Target for more affordable options and growing boys. NOTE: Foxes and Hawks (K-1 & 2-3rd grades) may wear the Class B Polo shirt.
  • HANDBOOKS. Trail Life USA Handbook is about $17 at The Handbook for Navigators (6th-8th grades) or for Adventurers (9th-12th grades) is available at NOTE: The Woodland Trail Handbook is available online at no cost! 
  • ACTIVITIES. Campouts, special events and activities may require additional fees. (costs vary).
  • FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE. For those families needing financial assistance with Trail Life related costs the Troop Chaplain can provide contact details.
Trail Life El Cajon wants transparency in regards to the fees and costs associated with being active in the Trail Life USA (national) and our local troop program.

Annual Youth ($30) and Adult Membership Fee ($36):
This fee is paid directly to Trail Life USA by each individual youth and adult member when they submit their initial membership application to Trail Life USA, and annually thereafter on the anniversary of their membership.
Annual Troop Program Fee ($20/youth registered): 
The Annual Troop Program Fee is assessed automatically to the Troop Treasurer at the time of re-charter and is charged at $20 for each Registered Youth Member. The Program Fee is not tagged to individual boys, but to the total number of boys registered at that time. 
The Annual Troop Program Fee maintains our fee structure parity with our sister organization, the American Heritage Girls, allowing both organizations to develop, maintain, and grow a strong and vibrant program for our youth that is primarily membership-funded and does not depend on major corporate donations to support our standard program offerings.
Annual Troop Re-charter Fee ($195): 
The charter fee for subsequent years is assessed to each church/Charter Organization annually.

Each Trail Life Troop is to operate at a break-even basis. At Trail Life El Cajon this is done by the costs being shared by parents, community support, and significant donations from our charter organization, Blessed Trinity Church, El Cajon. We try to keep fundraising to those activities which teach our Trailmen skills and leadership.