Join the Trail (ages 5-10, 11-13, 14-17)

Woodlands Trail (ages 5-10 years)

The Woodlands Trail, with a focus on gaining knowledge, is a family program for boys: ages Five and Six (Foxes), Seven and Eight (Hawks), and Nine and Ten (Mountain Lions) that involves the family in fun and inspiring activities.

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Navigators (ages 11-13 years)


The Navigators Program, with an emphasis on understanding, is an inspirational and richly rewarding program for ages Eleven to Thirteen boys who seek to achieve mental, moral, emotional, and physical fitness through adventures in God’s great outdoors with the guidance of Trailman ideals.

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Adventurers (ages 14-17 years)

The Adventurers Program, designed to foster wisdom, is a high adventure, high energy program for ages Fourteen to Eighteen boys who want to take ownership of activities, being intimately involved with every aspect of planning and implementing them in a democratic environment.

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