Knowing the our neighbors: Why won't they believe?

When we become Christians we are called out of the world, into the Church (ek-klesiaout+called), into the family of God. We talk with our Church friends about things that are truly important in our lives. While our lives engage those of the world, we like being at home, in the comfort zone.
So we need to be reminded to whom we bring the message of God's gift of eternal life: those who are of the world; those whose view of the world tends to be quite different from those "called out."

  • Two-thirds believe truth is realitive to the individual and the circumstance. It is no wonder life feels like it is shifting underfoot and unpredictable.

  • Two-thirds don't believe Evil has a reality beyond an idea, a concept. There is no choice to participate, enter into, or follow Evil.

  • Three-quarters believe their good works or good behavior earns them a place in eternity. It isn't on any authoritative source, but a feeling that "it just seems right."

  • Half to two-thirds believe perfection is not possible and Jesus could not have been without sin.

  • Interestingly, more than two-thirds believe in a God that is all-powerful and an all-knowing Creator who still rules today.

It is this last point that we have a common ground with those "of the world." If we are to bring the Gospel to this age rocked or shattered by a world recession or depression which gives no hope, we begin with this Creator God, who loves His creation, and has made Himself known in the person of Jesus. This is the door to their seeing that God has a purpose and a plan for them. While the Mosaic generation (18-23 year olds) may not hold a biblical worldview, they are interested in nature (outdoors) and the enviroment. They still have a sense of awe looking at our world as they also have little hope in humanity.
This is a time of great opportunity for our making Christ known with our friends of the world. Keep this in mind as you read through the latest Barna Research paper on what people in the USA believe today. [The Barna Reseach Group is one of the leading surveyors of religious opinion in the USA.]

So knowing this, how are be shaping our Outreach to reach those who believe in a Creator and have no knowledge of Him?