Christians Stand For Life

God put before His people life and death. He says "Choose life!" It is the choice we must make and not get distracted by political maneuvering. God's Word, no matter how difficult, needs to frame our stance as Christians.

For Christians to say that last week's decision for the USA to fund international groups performing abortions is a disappointment doesn't begin to address our culpability in this massive genocide. In a society that is fanatic about the quality of life of our livestock, we are failing miserably to address the loss of human life occurring at a pandemic rate. A civilized society is measured by its ability to protect those who can not protect themselves, and it is most clearly seen in how it cares for its children and its elderly. Clearly the problem isn't the human life of the unborn child! The problem may be about effective contraception, sex education, teen pregnancy, and a whole host of real problems, but the life of the unborn. While clearly Holy Scripture sees life beginning at conception, we argue about definitions of embryo, fetus, viable, and other dividing lines terms which can't diminish the reality that we are talking about human life).

Honestly, I don't know of anyone who says abortion is good. If that is the case, we are saying it is the lesser of two evils, the killing of the unborn or what? It is the "what?" we have failed to wrestle with, to treat as problems and therefore having solutions. For Christians, life does not belong to us, our own or another's. Life and all of creation belongs to God. It isn't ours. We don't create the stars, sky, and oceans. We don't create children. Instead Christians understand that we live, move, and have our being, as a gift from God. We don't have a divine right, only an invitation to enter into God's creation process or to reject it. As Christians "choice" is set before us, life or death, to be with God or apart from Him. We need to choose life, not because we "must obey." No, we choose life so we might share in God redemptive, recreative love, and be the means by which God's love is brought into our "real problems."

This is a time for us to cry out to God as we are culpable for our actions as a society. We have failed to address the real problems and have chosen a great evil. We need to cry out to God because we've failed as Christians, as a moral country, as a civilized society. With our wealth, we are multiplying our failure and inflicting it upon the poor of this world. As Christians we've failed even to look at the problems, not to mention our call to serve, to be the means by which God ministers to those in distress, those suffering from "unspeakable" problems. My life, and I'm sure your life, is directly touched by these real problems. An unborn life is treated as the identified problem. But Life isn't a problem. We need to look to the real problems. Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. For the real problems we need to bring God's love to the hurting, the pained lives of those suffering because of these problems. We don't care enough!

As we've failed to address the real problems, we have much for which we need to repent. We've failed to bring the power of God to bear upon, not the abortion clinic or agencies, but upon the suffering and tragedy of lives that need God's love. There is no room for religious "holier than thou" attitudes. As Christians we personally know our own sinfulness and how much we need God's help and forgiveness in our lives. And we've failed to share that power of God's love, even though we know how much we need it daily in our own lives. We have loved too little. Lord, have mercy upon us. Save us, help us with thine almighty hand!

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