Christmas: Sharing the Gift

"Keep Christ in Christmas" and "He's the Reason for the Season" are just two of the popular phrases to combating the secularization of the Birth of Jesus Christ. At least in some stores you're now wished a Merry Christmas instead of the flat Happy Holidays. But for Christians we need to remember that Christmas is about the Gift and sharing the Gift. Not the presents left under the tree. The Gift is the Christ Child--God's love made visible in our world in our mortal flesh.

The Christmas season (Advent to Epiphany) is our opportunity to Give Christ. We decorate our homes and our churches, prepare special meals, and play Christmas music. We sense that most people around us are trying to get into the Christmas Spirit. So if we want to truly combat secularism our task of first importance is to bring others to see the Christ Child.

Our Church, like many others will be having a Christmas Dinner. Many will invite those in their community to come to dinner. Ours will actually be on Christmas Day at noon. But the real opportunity we have is not providing music, prayer, a meal, and conversation with those who come from the community and how we witness Christ's love to them. Our real opportunity is to invite someone, to come help. They want to be part of the giving to others that goes beyond the material gifts. When you invite them to come with you to help at Christmas Dinner, you are asking them to help you, to be part of the Christmas Spirit, and to give the Gift of Service.

Share this Christmas in following the Servant Christ. ASK your neighbor or co-worker, Can you and your family come help serve Christmas Dinner to the Community. Give them a Gift of seeing the Christ Child, God's love being manifest to this world.

Invite someone to come and help you this Christmas Day. Allow them to help make something for the meal. Do let us know so we can plan on setting extra places at the table. The Location is the Alpine Community Center. Call or eMail Alice or Dru who are coordinating the food.