Christmas is Coming

FTGC at Viejas' Dream Catcher Lounge
Several of the guitarist played for the Welfare to Work Christmas Party thanks to Wanda and the SCAIR Center. We had a great time. You can hear the FTGC at Christmas Eve or Christmas Day Carols.
So what Gift are you getting?
As Christmas preparations enter their final week, we shouldn't forget to ask God to open our heart to recieve the true gift of Christmas: the Child Christ. If we're worrying about the stuff we can easily be disappointed with rain drenching our parties or our decorations. We can easily be disappointed when folks are not of good cheer and downright mean or worse--having your house robbed will definitely disappoint most people's view of men and women. Opening gifts or having them opened; visits with relatives or friends. Freezing temperatures (yes, it is Southern California--it wasn't me singing White Christmas!).
So talk to God about what He wants to give you this Christmas. Let Him know all of the stuff going on in your life (the good, the bad, and the ugly). But it's His time to give you His most precious, most loved, most costly gift, His Son Jesus. With Jesus all the other gifts, all the other stuff, is put into perspective of your life with God for eternity.
I know that I want Christmas; God picked it out special for me.
Christmas Eve Service
6:00pm Carols at Alpine Elementary School
6:30pm Christmas Eve Mass at Alpine Elementary School
Christmas Day
9:30am Christmas Day Mass at Victoria House
11:00am Set up for Christmas Day Community Dinner at Alpine Community Center
11:30am Carols & Noon Dinner
10 Minute Teaching & Sunday Sermons Online
The first of our video recordings is now online. You can watch the video at The sermon should be posted by the weekend. Thanks to Gavin for requesting the leap in technology!