May 29, 2008 First Edition

Welcome to the Alpine Anglican Thurday Evening News!

Newsboys Concert
Several of our teenagers went to the Spirit West Coast Music Festival on Friday night at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Alex Springer, Jack Arnold, and Ryan Howell saw three bands, including the Newsboys (see photo with Jack & Ryan in the foreground). The Newsboys are the top Christian band. While the rain may have dampened the Captain Crunch it was a great show with great music. We'll plan on scheduling more concert trips in the coming months.

Shakespeare and Young Actors
This Saturday night your invited to attend a 35 minute adaptation of Twelfth Night. We have two actors participating in the production, Elizabeth Barrett & Jackson Arnold. This is a free performance at the Pine Valley Clubhouse (on Old Hwy 80 just past Major's Coffee Shop/Diner) this Saturday, May 31 at 7 PM. The Director has extensive experience at the Old Globe Theatre as well as UCSB and UCSD, and this is the first homeschool theatre group in Pine Valley history. Alpine Anglican is sponsoring the production's costumes and props.

Free Teen Guitar Class provides worship music
This Sunday, June 1 at 8:20 AM the FTGC students will be performing as they provide Alpine Anglican with music for the worship service. The Service begins at 8:30 AM, but the music start 10 minutes before the service. offers teenagers free guitar lessons and opportunities to perform in the East County of San Diego.

This week's prayer requests
Ben Lizak has request thanksgiving after his angeoplasty, return home today, & continued healing.
Safety for this week's travellers: The Huber Family, Betsy & Maryanne Lane, Jan Macauley & Steph, and Ashley Welter.
From the heart
"It is best for us to begin with first and greatest principle, that is with God the Creator...and to show that there is nothing above him or beyond him," writes Irenaeus.