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Registration is done online at TrailLifeConnect
Ask our Troop Team for an invitation to join by email or text. This invitation will allow you to join Trail Life USA (TLUSA).  An annual fee (youth ~$30 and adult ~$36) is collected online and remains with TLUSA (good for one year from joining date).

Registered AdultsOne of Trail Life USA's core values is "volunteer-driven."

  • Ideally, we have a father involved with his son, but we also recognize that doesn't work for many families. What we do ask is that one adult in each family becomes a Registered Adult using Step 1 (above). 
  • Registered Adults may serve in an active capacity with their boys in the Trail Life USA program. 
  • Each Registered Adult pays the Registration fee to TLUSA, commits to the Statement of Faith (TLUSA), submits to a background check, completes the Child Safety Youth Protection Training, and then is approved by the Chartering Organization Representative. This allows leadership to confidently request your assistance at Troop activities but does not obligate the Registered Adult to serve. Registered Adults are covered by TLUSA insurance. 
  • Each of our Blessed Trinity Church leaders having involvement in the Troop must be a Registered Adult so that all may have confidence in the adults involved in our Troop.

Submit your Troop dues
During this COVID-19 time and getting our Troop established, we will not be collecting local Troop dues for the school year 2020-21!  Trail Life USA requires that each troop be self-supporting. However, during this unusual time and our first Fall Kickoff, the startup costs are being paid by Blessed Trinity Church (the charter organization for this ministry). 
Troop dues are used for Troop materials, awards, and activities of the Troop. All funds are used for direct Troop expenses. We encourage our Trailmen to explore outdoor adventure trips that have costs beyond the typical outdoor activities. As a self-supporting Troop, we may have a fundraising project to cover these added events. Trailmen do learn valuable sales and project experience, but fundraising is not our focus. 
[During 2020-21 Troop dues are not applicable; this is for future reference only. Request a PayPal Invoice for your Troop dues.  The Troop dues is a per youth fee of $n/a for the school year of 2021 fall, winter, spring, summer.]

Submit Medical Information Forms
Please complete and submit electronically the medical information forms to the Health & Safety Coordinator. The medical information form is required of youth and adults registered with Trail Life USA and for all activities.