National Day of Prayer

This coming Thursday is the National Day of Prayer. Saint Paul tells us we should pray for those in civil authority. Specifically we pray for our leaders that they would uphold what is godly and right. As President Obama stated last week in Turkey, we no longer live in a Christian country. All the more reason we should ask God to intervene in the lives of our elected leadership that principles of what is good and right might convict our leaders to stand not for some political ideology, but for a greater good.
Yes, we have an economic downturn and a growing debt burden being placed on the coming generations; we have a swine flu epidemic and loss conscious clauses threatening our health providers; we have unemployment and uncertainty. But as Christians we pray that God's hand might shape the course of our government and our nation, that we, the people of the United States, might fulfill God's purpose nationally and locally. Not just for the first 100 days of a new presidency, but for the generations that come after us.
The tendency of our government, the tendency as individuals is to think short term. As Christians we offer our prayer, our intercession on God's terms--eternity. Tomorrow we have the opportunity to ask God to conform the wills, the actions, and the minds of this country to His eternal purpose.