The Manifest Christ

Generations waited for God to fulfill His promise of sending one who would bring the messianic kingdom. We celebrated the "God made manifest" in the incarnation. We now shift to joining the magi who having seen His light and returned bringing the light of Christ into the darkness of this world.
Fortunately we don't have to pursuade or argue, most of who want to be pursuaded or argue are interested more in the arguement than being touched by God. It is God who prepares and makes ready the hearts who are ready to recieve Him. We are called to do two things: to let the light of Christ be seen in our lives, in our loving those around us with divine love given to us in Christ Jesus; and second, to be ready to give a witness for our hope in Christ. Making love incarnate and then telling how we recieved that love into our lives.
Big Intro for the FTGC
The new Free Teen Guitar Class has a full roster this January. We've got 10 beginning guitarists who will be having their first performance on February 1st. Adding our new guitarists to the intermediate and advanced students should make for a great summer concert.
Diocesan Clergy Conference
Our Diocese of the West (REC) clergy will be gathering in Napa next week. While we are hoping to do some wine tasting along the way, the bishops, priests, and deacons will be enjoying a time of prayer, fellowship, and theological discussion (perhaps over a wee bit of port and cigars in the crisp night air of the Napa Valley). I may or may not be able to post the Alpine Anglican Thursday Evening News--because the Carmelite monestary doesn't have WiFi access. But I'm sure to have some news to share with you upon my return.