CA Marriage Amendment

The Fall ballot amendment to the California constitution is a matter of affecting reasonable loving Christians and our religious rights! The infringement has started already. San Diego County Clerk, Greg Smith, is now forcing the clerks to violate their religious convictions. Earlier Smith pledged to accomidate the religious beliefs of the deputy clerks who didn't want to perform same-sex "marriages." But when 14 of the 30 deputies normally assigned to that duty wanted to opt out, Smith is forcing 14 deputy clerks to participate or find another job. Glen Lavy of the Alliance Defense Fund said, "The federal Constitution protects religious freedom in the First Amendment--that is our first liberty." [quoted in http://www.onenewsnow.com/]
To redefine "marriage" to include same-sex couples is to make it a "protected class" which will afford all of the non-discrimination resources opening the door to litigation of Christians who will not be afforded "easy accomidation" of our Christian belief and practice. We need to understand that redefining "marriage" to include same-sex couples is an attack upon Christian belief and practice.
More information is available at http://www.protectmarriage.com/

Be Part of the Joyful Noise unto the Lord!

Our Free Teen Guitar Class has been reaching out. We need you to make this Summer a real mission of our congregation. Our Band is performing at the Concert in the Park on June 29th at 5pm in the Alpine Community Park (1830 Alpine Blvd). Bring friends and neighbors to meet your church friends. Plan on some food and bring a cooler--You know it will be hot! The music and the weather! Don't wait make actual plans to get them to the Park. Bring some extra snacks for the FTGC parents and their families and get them to sit with you and your friends. Many of the parents will be wearing their Roadie T-shirts. Make a point of wearing one of your Alpine Anglican shirts. This is an opportunity to let people see Anglo-Catholics have more fun!

A new Free Teen Guitar Class will begin on Wednesday, July 9th! Spread the word, tell people your church is doing a really cool thing, Giving Free Guitar Lessons. How nice to hear of a church not trying to raise money or doing things for themselves, but doing something for others that they might see God's love in action. For more information give them the church phone 619.722.1772 or send them to http://www.freeteenguitarclass.com/.

Be part of the Summer Parades

Get your neighbor or co-workers to bring their kids to ride in a Fire Truck at one of our parade events. Crown Hills--Alpine July 4th at 10am. Descanso--Saturday, July 12th at 10am. Pine Valley--Saturday, July 26th at 9am. We'll have a picnic after the July 4th parade.

Making a difference

One of our goals at Alpine Anglican is to spend 50% of what we recieve on work outside our congregation! Its not about buildings or the priest's salary or newspaper ads--Its about making Jesus Christ known to those we meet. We aren't there yet, but you'll notice 'We don't do fund raising.' We give when a worthwhile project is "making Jesus Christ known." We give from the heart.

Bishop Boyce let us know that Saint Andrew's Academy (this prepatory school in the Mount Lassen area, North-Western CA, is part of our diocese) is having some difficulty with the economic down turn. We had one of their teachers visit us last year and their choir has sung at Provincial Synod. These students are being trained to be leaders in the best of the Anglican tradition. These children are a bright part of our future! We are challenging the other congregations to join us in helping this vital ministry.

Prayer Team Updates

Do you want to know when your prayers have been requested? You can automatically get an update of the http://blessedtrinityprayerteam.blogspot.com/. Navigate to the prayer page and try Control+J (Microsoft Internet Explorer on later versions). This way I know when new requests are made. I've put the Prayer Blog into my desktop RSS feed so I'll be able to see the latest changes and be reminded everytime I go to my desktop.